Name : Morpho SCL RDService.apk
Description : Morpho SCL RDService Used by millions of people every day, Morpho fingerprint readers offer optimal balance between security and convenience. Recently introduced Aadhaar authentication 2.0 and eKYC 2.1 APIs require registered devices to be used unlike public devices. Registered devices are very important security upgrade to Aadhaar ecosystem to eliminate possibility of using stored biometrics. This application is required to enable MSO1300 E, E2, E3 and CBM models to work seamlessly in registered device realm. Download Morpho SCL RD Service and get started today—it’s free! With Morpho SCL RD Service you can: - Register MSO1300 E, E2, E3 and CBM Models - Use MSO1300 E, E2, E3 and CBM Models in Auth2.0 and eKYC2.1
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